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Our Mission

Voluntary philanthropy and leadership are essential to develop and maintain modern non-profit healthcare facilities. Bakersfield Memorial Hospital Foundation was established in 1981 based on this philosophy as a community, non-profit, non-governmental organization to provide support to Bakersfield Memorial Hospital. BMH Foundation’s role is to be a recognizable source of funding for the defined needs of Bakersfield Memorial Hospital. Ongoing donor solicitations and giving opportunities are necessary to meet this goal. Through the dedication, leadership and support of the executive board, trustees, volunteers and staff, the BMH Foundation will continue to succeed in fulfilling its mission for the good of the community.
Whether you make an unrestricted donation to the Foundation or select a specific project or service important to you, e.g. children’s or cardiac and stroke services, direction of your gift is yours to decide. Ultimately, your donation serves the entire community.
For more information about giving opportunities, please call the Bakersfield Memorial Hospital Foundation office at (661) 541-0190.